15 Exceptional Logo Design Software Solutions

15 Exceptional Logo Design Software Solutions

For any business belonging to any industry, logo is the most essential entity. Logo is a silent identity in terms of symbolic representation. A simple minute object takes hours and days in preparation. A perfect logo is not randomly deigned. There is a meaning or an idea behind that leads you towards your company logo. There is a creativity involved, but just a creative thought is not ample for accomplishment. Designers have to make use of different software for logo design and develop. Here, I have collected a list of best logo design software that can be helpful for you.

Let’s take a look to the following 11 Exceptional Logo Design Software Solutions…

  1. Jeta Logo Designer:

No matter whom you are a new logo designer or an experienced professional; this is perfect tool for all. You can experience best logo design practice with Jeta Logo Designer. Once downloaded the software you are half done. There are countless shapes, symbols and templates available to assist you in designing your desired Logo.

  1. Logo-maker:

Logo designing is an art and for perfect logo design Logo maker is there to make it easier for you. This software let you design and edit your work up to 6 times. It also ensures security and allows you to check before purchasing. There is an additional support from the software owner. They provide assistance in case of any trouble or undesired outcomes.

  1. Logo Yes:

Logo yes is incredibly developed logo design software highly affordable and easy to use. It not only allows you to design but you can also edit, resize and redevelop according to your requirement. The most interesting feature of this software is that it keeps your details secure even after editing you can access the previous design.

  1. Logo Smartz:

Logo smartz is an efficient tool or software for working on logo design with a free trial option to lend a hand to you in designing perfect logos. You can have access to unlimited logo templates, shapes and patterns with other designing tools to work. You can also get many font styles for your logo.

  1. Laughing Bird:

Download this software for your device and create your imagination in terms of exciting logo design. Laughing bird comes up with up to 200 catchy logo templates and a bunch of graphic elements. There is nothing to draw, you can get plenty of shapes and font styles with special effects to design what you have in the back of your mind.

  1. So think:

Sothink is also exceptionally designed logo creator. It is downloadable software with many helpful features. It offers a very user-friendly interface you can have the trial version first to check its workability. You can get the chance to design your own unique template or even there is an option to redesign the existing template. Available tools within this software do not ask for any professional certification anyone can work on it.

  1. Fat Paint:

Have a complete set of customizable tools within one software option, named as Fat Paint. It is one of the best options for logo design creation. It is an online software solution provided with a multiple services. You can edit snaps, create logos, and draw anything with the help of Fat paint. It is very easy to use and is compatible with almost every browser.

  1. Elica:

Elica is a free logo making software provided with a user-friendly interface. It has all tools, which are needed by every designer for creating a perfect company logo. You can use all customizable tools and 3D shapes. The best thing about this software is that it is free.

  1. Logaster:

With up to 12000 uniquely designed logos you can create your own logo by this logaster software. It is a very simple tool work quickly and flawlessly. You can have an option for designing logo, add up slogan and even brand name can also be added to the symbol. Its efficient designing options will let you design your dreamed logo in just a couple of minutes.

  1. Apple Motion:

Create a perfect logo with the help of Apple Motion. It is a logo designing software hosted by Apple Inc. You can 3D and 2D effects with this option. You can edit or redesign your designed logo by changing its color or effects. There will also be additional options for combining multiple shapes for creating an intricate design.

  1. Corel Draw:

Most widely used graphic designing tool with frequents updates is also an appealing software.  Corel Draw has unlimited customizable tools to create a stunning logo design. It has a couple of fonts and text options to add up more detailed design.

  1. Adobe Photoshop:

This is complex software with a bundle of incompatible features. All you need is to learn the basics of adobe Photoshop program with detail options. There are multiple of tools with extended creative patterns for designing a stunning logo.

You can design customized patterns with this enriched software.

  1. Adobe Illustrator:

For all starters and beginners, adobe Illustrator is a perfect option for designing your desired sign. It has multiple graphic designing tools including variety of brushes, shapes, colors, effects and even you can found a series of typographic designs. Its numerous tools assist any designer to create an extraordinary logo design.

  1. Logo Snap:

If you are running out of cash and want to create a company logo being within your limited resources. Then, Logo Snap is a perfect option for you. It is a free online tool, which can be helpful for you to design what you want. A series of designs and styles embedded in Logo snap can make it even more possible for you to create a design in limited expense. Once a logo design is created, you can download it in different formats.

  1. Eximious soft:

The Eximious soft is versatile software benefitted with multiple graphic design features can be the perfect option for creating company logos. You can create whatever shape you have decided. You can edit in anyway like, you can add up background, resize, reshape and rearrange.


These were the best 15 software for logo designing. You can opt for the one that suits you the best depending up on your requirement.

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